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hiii babies, my names jenna. i blew out 24 candles last year. i live in beautiful sydney, australia. i'm stubborn, passionate, loud, sweet & very independant. i work hard for everything i have, i earnt it all. i don't tolerate bullshit! my life is anything but perfect, but it's my giant beautiful mess!!


penguins, weed, family, bestfriends, anthony, sex, vodka, raves, dancing, clubbing, winter nights, cocaine, hardstyles, love, new york, paris, parramatta eels, tattoos, peircings, etc.


this tumblr is NOT safe for work or anyone who is sensitive to the following: drugs, alcohol or porn.


q: single/taken?
a: seeing someone.
q: sexual orientation?
a: straight
q: who made your banner?
a: i did myself.
q:follow back?
a: i'll check out your blog
q: who edited your theme?
a: i did myself.
q: will i make you a banner?
a: sure, ask nicely.
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ॐ cyberspace princess ॐ
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ॐ cyberspace princess ॐ
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Unlimited promo.
Mbf glamtraashh.
Bolding randoms.
Reblogs only.
Posting when I’m fully awake and out of bed.
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I’m a hell raiser
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urban // trill // luxury -> DOPEPROJECTS
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Shoutout to the girls with amazing pussy who stay lowkey about it

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