this is my first blog of the month and i must say i’m pretty excited. with that being said, lets get this show on the road.
how does it work?
you can reblog this between now and july 31st - like the post to bookmark it only.
i will pick my favorite 10-20 blogs and put them in a random generator to choose so that everyone has a fair shot.
please be sure to leave all this text, as only the picture will show up on your blog.
what will you get out of being my blog of the month?
you’ll get a friend - please keep in mind though, effort will have to come from both ways for this to work. <3
if you’d like one, you can have a banner.
a spot on my blog for the entire month of august.
various promos (screenie, blog rates, 3, 5 and 10 liners, etc) throughout the day or whenever you’d like one.
anything else we can agree on.
i’ll be picking july 31st around 9 o’clock and will message the winner then. good luck and happy reblogging, y’all! :-*

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